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Vintages: Irancy

Irancy: Rêve de Damask, Appellation Irancy Contrôlée

Famille Clarke’s latest adventure in Burgundy brings us their first red wine made from Pinot Noir and César grapes. 

Like Chablis, the vines are grown on Kimmeridgian marl. Pinot Noir needs no introduction but César is rarely cultivated. Rich in tannins, lively in colour, César is a noble grape which lends the wine an interesting personality and adds body. 

The wines are crimson in colour, shading towards dark red, and are rich in highlights. The bouquet bursts with fruit (blackcurrant, Morello cherry, raspberry, blackberry) floral, liquorice and pepper. Despite this robust start, the tannins melt into a firm and velvety structure in the mouth. Its acidity is sufficient to ensure excellent keeping qualities (3-10 years).

Recent Vintages: 

2017 A great year. Only 20 km west of Chablis, Irancy shares similar weather conditions, although the vineyards are slightly elevated and more exposed to the elements. Despite this being the first harvest from our new vineyard it benefited from the excellent conditions through the summer leading to an excellent harvest of superior quality. The wine spent 2 years maturing in oak and steel and is vibrant, robust and youthful, like a young puppy. A great addition to the roster to drink now or keep for later.

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